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At the present time I'm QSL manager for:IQ8Y, IQ8BI, IB0/IQ8BI, II8PAX, IF9/IQ8BI, A92GH, OD5SK, HZ1SK, HZ1PS,
OD5F, HP1/IZ6BRN, A61BM,A61ZZ, A61ZX, A65EE, A61QQ, A61BS, A61E,
A65CI, HZ1XB, HZ1TT, HZ1NM, W4CEE,A62A ( + all special calls, IOTA
activations from EARS - Emirates Amateur Radio Society ), HZ1TM,
7Z1BL, A61DJ, A66TQ, A61ZA, 7Z1ES, A61K, A45KK, JY8KS, HZ1BL, A92AA,
A91ACC, A61CK, A93LT, DW3LHI, A91MCAT, A91NM, A91ND, 7Z1BB, A92DX,
A65KK, HP1RN, A91WRD, A91IGS, A91YA, A91WMD, A93AR, A91WARD and A91WTIS IQ8Y ( special contest call), IQ8BI ( club callsign ), IB0/IQ8BI, II8PAX,IF9/IQ8BI, A92GH,HZ1PS,A61AB,A61TT. About EK8WY and EK8WB I'm not more drop manager since August 2001, Please do not send me QSL card.On 3 May 2005 I was active as 3A2/IZ8CLM from Monaco using the shack of 3A2MD Laura. On July 2005 I was active as IS0/IZ8CLM from Sardinia Isl. EU-024.

From 11 January until 18 January 2006 I was active as CE3/IZ8CLM from Santiago Chile.

From 8 February until 11 February 2006 I was active as TR0A from RADIO CLUB AGRA in Libreville Gabon, please send me QSK request only for QSL during this period.

73' de IZ8CLM Sal


About my City

TORRE ANNUNZIATA.a seaport of Campania, Italy, in the province of Naples, on the east of the Bay of Naples, and at the south foot of Mt Vesuvius, 14 m. S.E. of Naples by rail. Pop. (1901), 2S,o7o(town); 28,084 (commune). Itis on the main line to Battipaglia, at the point of junction of a branch line from Cancello round the east of Vesuvius, and of the branch to CasteOammare di Stabia and Gragnano. It has a royal arms factory established by Charles IV., and other ironworks, considerable manufacture of macaroni, paper, breeding of silkworms, and some fishing and shipping. The harbour is protected by moles. Remains attributed to the Roman post-station of Oplontis were discovered in making the railway between Torre del Greco and Torre Annunziata, a little west of the latter, in 1842.….

Mailing Address

84018 Scafati - SA -

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  Thank you for visiting my home page… My name is Salvatore Rapacciuolo, IZ8CLM,   i was born in 1976 in Torre Annunziata, 20 km south  of Naples and this web site is a collection of my feeling regarding the radio, the friends and  …